Eurac Research

Eurac Research is a private research centre, founded in Bolzano/Bozen in 1992. The centre’s initial focus began with areas of language and law, minorities and autonomies, and the Alpine environment. However, over time the centre has extended its research into other disciplines, attracting researchers from all over the world and over time expanding to open up new facilities.

The goal of Eurac Research is to improve life for future generations. In response to regional problems, the centre develops concrete solutions that can be applied globally and explores new avenues of scientific research that have a helpful impact on today’s society. Eurac Research is part of several international research networks with partnerships in more than 50 countries. The centre collaborates with the Alpine Convention, the Carpathian Convention, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), as well as with several space agencies.

Today, around 609 researchers from over 25 countries work at Eurac Research. This is how we contribute to issues that have a significant impact on people’s lives and health and the environment upon which they depend.

How to find us

Eurac Research

Viale Druso, 1 / Drususallee 1
39100 Bolzano / Bozen – Italy
Phone +39 0471 055560


Due to its history and geographical position, Bolzano/Bozen is at the crossroads between Austria and Italy and German and Italian culture. The bilingual capital of South Tyrol is culturally rich in museums and architecture.