2022 edition

We move online!

Due to the global COVID-19 situation, the Winter School on Federalism and Governance 2022 edition will be organized as an online programme. The online edition of the Winter School 2022 will take place from 30 January to 12 February 2022.
In order to guarantee an international participation of people from different countries and time zones, a daily programme between two and three hours will be provided. This daily programme is expected to take place in the early afternoon of the Central European Time Zone.

Dates: 30 January – 12 February 2022

The online programme of the Winter School is divided into lectures, discussion sessions and workshops. Please note that it is not possible to attend only one week of the programme.


The 2022 Winter School will focus on federalism and/in emergency.

During the two-week online edition, participants will analyze the ways in which multilevel systems act in and respond to emergencies. They will, inter alia, explore the constitutional provisions on emergencies and exceptional situations while also considering the constitutional resilience of federal or regional systems. Furthermore, Winter School participants will look at the roles that national and subnational executive leaders, parliaments, and courts play during crises and the formal and informal inter-governmental cooperation tools that may be applied to these scenarios. The program will provide insight into asymmetric territorial responses to emergencies in multilevel systems, as well as the impact of emergencies on subnational autonomies. An entire day will be dedicated to the role of supranational entities in the management of global, national, and subnational crises.

Furthermore, the 2022 Winter School will offer in-depth sessions on economic and financial crises, natural disasters, public health emergencies, and territorial conflicts.

In addition to numerous opportunities for discussion with leading experts on multilevel governance throughout the lectures, a variety of interactive sessions will offer participants the chance to share their knowledge and experiences. Lectures, workshops, Q&A ses­sions and a round table will take into account multilevel systems from different parts of the world.

The Winter School will examine a series of issues:

  • Is there any evidence that multilevel systems are more or less capable of managing emergencies than unitary states?
  • What do emergencies teach us about the division of powers and responsibilities in multilevel systems?
  • How do federal constitutions treat states of emergency?
  • What role do subnational entities play in responding to crises?
  • Do states of emergency allow for asymmetric territorial responses?
  • Can emergencies affect or even trigger constitutional reform?
  • Are existing formal and informal cooperation tools sufficient or should new mechanisms be added?

The 2022 Winter School online program will examine these and other questions by combining theoretical expertise and relevant case studies. As such, it offers a unique opportunity for young academics, postgraduate students, civil servants and practitioners to receive enhanced training on the theoretical and practical aspects of fed­eralism.